Do you feel overwhelmed trying to Homeschool using the Montessori Method ?

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Montessori HomeschoolerHi there, this is me, Carmen, doing what I love most, teaching Montessori.

Like you may feel now, I was once totally confused and overwhelmed by all the Montessori advice I received in the beginning.

Years later after owning and running a Montessori school and Homeschooling my own children with the Montessori Method,  I realize how daunting it can be when you first get started.

That is why I started this website for you, the Montessori Homeschooler.

I am here to help you feel less overwhelmed, to learn that Montessori is an amazing way to homeschool your child, and to help you know where to start and what you need to do to follow the Montessori Method in your home.  Together we'll make Montessori Homeschooling easy for you.

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